Everywhere you look we are surrounded by digital media—still and moving images dominate our social media news feeds. When we need to know about a product or a service, we turn to Tampa video production. We seek YouTube and Vimeo constantly.

We turn to Facebook videos when searching for a way to entertain ourselves. We are highly dependent on videos as a way of entertainment and knowledge and yet somehow, we tend to forget the most important components of creating a video for social media.

Use high-quality cameras

While mobile screens and tablets (which most people use to browse their social media profiles) are smaller than TV and computer screens, that does not mean that we should not care about the quality of the videos we upload to our Facebook and Instagram profiles.

In fact, social media users are incredibly picky when it comes to the videos they watch. Since it is easy to just scroll down and find another video to watch, they can easily skip your video and you end up losing the opportunity to make a sale.

Put a subtitle on the video

Many social media users browse their news feeds when they are stuck in traffic or while they are in commute. This means that they cannot always play the video with audio. By putting subtitles on your Tampa video production, you are catering to the large chunk of the population that can only watch and not listen.

Use the proper description and SEO

Just because you are going to upload your videos on a social media platform doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need SEOs o rank higher on Google’s search engine. Use the descriptions to input the proper keyword in your video upload. Google loves Tampa video production content and its algorithm will recognize your Facebook videos when they are properly tagged with the right keywords.

Make it mobile-friendly first

While there are still many websites that were created for desktop computers first, quite an increasing number of websites are being made with a mobile design first in mind. Why is that?

More than half of the internet users in America are accessing their social media accounts through their mobile phones. In fact, even when they are in front of their laptops, they are bound to open their phones to check their Facebook messages when it notifies them of new messages.

People are just more used communicating through their smartphones rather than through their computers. The same can be said when people want to watch a Tampa video production. They do so on their phones rather than on their desktop computers.