When it comes to videos, some of your audience may think that using the word “corporate” in relation to video production will be boring. Many of them won’t even bother to finish a corporate video production because this tends to be too formal. But hey, they spend hours watching videos on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. So, how can a corporate video hold them captive?

Ask a Question

The most common way to appeal to an audience is to ask a question at the very start of the video. When you do, you are essentially making them think. Those few seconds wherein they’ll stop and think about what you asked will put them in a position wherein they’ll have to watch a few more seconds of your video. You have those few seconds to drive in the message and make them interested enough to actually stay and watch what will happen.

Tell a Story

Hold your audience captive by using a structure for your narrative. A lot of video producers make the mistake of simply “winging it” and hoping for the best. Stories aren’t just for TV and movies. You can use story structure to send a message across to your audience. It gives cohesion and makes for a better video.

Use Different Angles

Back in the day, it seems that filmmakers just pressed the record button and allowed actors to move across the frame without switching angles. Those days are behind you. Today, you must use different angles as these also send a message and emphasize a point. Look for different angles and different ways of shooting your subjects or a scene. Remember that your aim is to make the video look more alive.

Move the Scenes

Static scenes are the worst. If you are shooting on location with a host, make the host walk toward the product he/she is about to discuss. Move with the host, or allow the host to face the camera. The moving shot will give your video a more dynamic feel. It’s almost like you are taking the audience with you. The video is making the audience part of the whole scene.

If you are explaining a process and your subject is a product, consider following the product from the manufacturing process to its shipment. Such corporate video production will engage the audience more by making them think they are in the video itself, watching the process closely.