You have heard that corporate video production can help in onboarding new hires. You also know that it has become so effective in recent years, especially in remote work set up. You want to try it out, but you still don’t know how to create engaging content for your viewers. Also, where do you begin?

Keep It Simple

Your onboarding video doesn’t need a production budget of a Hollywood film. You only need a trusty video camera, Windows or Mac in your computer, webcam, PowerPoint, and animation software if you like. You can record a corporate video production using whatever means and tools you have in the office. The video doesn’t have to be fancy or anything like that. It just needs the right message.

Make It Short

Shorter videos help make your employees more engaged. The longer your videos are, the more likely your viewers will lose focus and attention. Your audience may not watch it in its entirety if it’s too lengthy and dragging. Make sure that each topic is covered in a video that runs for only 10 minutes. If you need more minutes for subtopics, make a separate video for it.

You can record one full-length video than have a video editor cut it in chunks. If you’re talking about digital marketing, you can chop the videos into SEO marketing, content marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and many more.

Make the Video Searchable

The information in the video may be overwhelming to your new hires. They may want to revisit the videos. Make the videos searchable in your database. Some software can look for a word that was mentioned in the video. By searching for this keyword, the video can also be fast-forwarded at the point where the word was mentioned.

Consider Making Interactive Videos

People find it easier to retain information when they engage with video content. Corporate video production can contain quizzes and surveys, where the answers will be presented at the end of the video. This way, you can open up a personal discussion with the employees regarding their answers to the quiz or poll.

Use Analytics

Every so often, try to improve the content of your corporate video production. The old formula will not always work on new hires. Make sure you are following the developments in onboarding videos. You can see the video’s effectivity through analytics, too. Use the results there to improve your videos and point them in the right direction.