Today, companies are investing in a corporate video production because this saves them time and money. An employee onboarding video will cut the operational costs of having to train and brief these new employees. And because every business aims to cut operational expenses, an onboarding video is the perfect solution to welcome a new hire to your organization.

Do you know that it takes about $4,000 to hire a new employee? A company also needs an average of 52 days to fill in a position. Apart from the cost of finding someone to fill in a position, the company also spends on training these new employees and losing productive work during the first few weeks of their stay in the company. That’s expected. A new hire will navigate a new workplace and he’s bound to make mistakes and lose productivity. An onboarding corporate video production cuts that time significantly.

Here are the seven types of videos that you can use to effectively take onboard new employees:

Leadership Welcome

The first thing that a new employee should see is a welcome message from the owner of the company or its chief executive officer. The purpose of this video is to summarize the company’s mission/vision and objectives. The CEO is the best person to present these business objectives.

About Us

What is the company all about? The about us video will talk about the company’s history, beliefs, culture, community activities, and the overall purpose of the employees.

Job Description

One of the most important parts of a corporate video production is describing the job responsibilities of the new hire. This part will talk about the core responsibilities of the position, as well as the organizational support they can expect to receive. It should also talk about how their performance will be measured and ranked.

Department Overview

In what department will the new employee be a part of? New hires need to understand the goals of each department, so they can align their tasks with these goals.

Employee Directory

Each employee should make a short introduction of himself. These videos will then be inserted into the organizational chart. The videos should have searchable meta tags, so it’ll be easier for future hires to learn more about their colleagues. The new hire should watch the employee directory video to get to know his peers.

IT Policies

Ask your IT department to create policies that will enforce the security of the data and information in your company. New hires should be well-versed in these policies. They should understand the risk they take if they don’t follow these policies.

Employee-generated Content

It’s also vital for new employees to learn about office dynamics. A corporate video production about how a day in the office goes will be a helpful tool for new members of the organization. You can create a montage of behind-the-scenes clips to show how current employees interact.