Every business has a story. Some are more interesting than others, but there’s always a story to tell. And in case you haven’t noticed, consumers are incredibly interested in the brands that they support. They want to know who’s behind the brand. They want to know if they are worthy of their support. So, use corporate video production to tell your story.

Here are the five questions you need to answer to produce a compelling video:

How Did Your Business Get Started?

This is one of the most interesting parts of making a company story video. Customers want to know how you started the company. Where did you get the money? How much did you have when you started the business? How did you come up with the product? If you encountered a similar product during your travels, share that with your customers. They’d love to know what inspired a business they support.

Why Did You Start the Business?

What made you decide to start a business? What were you doing before? Did you use to be employed then you want to own a business? This is interesting because people love to be successful but they do not have as much courage as other entrepreneurs. No one wants to be answerable to a boss almost 24/7, so it would be nice if you can inspire your customers to think like an entrepreneur, too.

Who Are the People Behind the Business?

You can also show the customers the people running the business with you. Where did the come from? What are their backgrounds? It’s always nice for customers to know the people behind a brand they support. Aren’t we always curious about Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos? It’s the same with your customers.

What Are the Future Goals of the Business?

What do you plan to do in the future? Are there new products in store for them in the future? Are you going to expand to a different location? Customers love to know if a local brand they support will soon expand to other cities. It makes the prospect of sharing your brand with their friends from out of state all the more exciting. Finally, they can talk about your business with their family and friends from other cities.

What Makes It Special?

Finally, what makes your business special? If you offer a niche product or service, then tell your customers how you are making sure you stay above the competition. What makes your product and services unique? It’s a bit of hard-selling, but it’s important that the corporate video production highlights what differentiates your business.