By now, you should be convinced that corporate video production such as how-to and tutorial videos is the way to go. You will market your products better if you show customers how they are beneficial to their lives. You will showcase the features and benefits of the products online; something that people have been looking forward to knowing.

If you are still not convinced that a corporate video production is the most effective way of marketing a business, just take a look at the thousands of influencers on social media. How did they begin to get noticed? What made them such a powerful force in online marketing? Most of these social media personalities started their journey as a blogger or vlogger. They review products. They show how to use products. They teach their audience how beneficial some products are. They even give unabashed views about some products and services that they don’t like.

People who rise from complete unknowns made their fortunes through online videos, so why couldn’t your business do the same? The millennial generation has been way ahead of the curve with this. They are the ones who first catapulted to fame using their personal blogs. They made popular online advertising. Brands are now running after them. They’re paying these internet stars more than what they’re paying celebrities and models. They are so influential that PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber of all time, is worth $40 million.

There two reasons why we’re sure people are going to watch your corporate video production: one, people love watching videos; and two, people value actionable insights. About 90% of social media users spend their time watching videos online. That’s a staggering number and one that you’re missing out on if you don’t produce enough videos for your company.

Consumers Are Smarter

You can’t fool consumers with paid ads anymore. They know that you’re paying thousands of dollars for these ads. They’re most unaffected by them, except in some instances. But a corporate video production? One that shows how your product is used and can be beneficial for them? That video speaks volumes. That shows the integrity of your company. It shows how you take pride in these products. That’s something that your consumers will value.

They don’t want you to just hard-sell them on your products. They want your business to make an effort to discuss why these products are vital and what they can do for them.