You have made the leap and decided to make corporate video production a part of your marketing plan. What a smart move. Videos are extremely effective and powerful. By 2021, they will make up around 82% of consumer traffic. And why not? Almost 55% of web users consume videos on a daily basis. They spend hours watching videos on YouTube. A recent study even pointed out that businesses that use videos for their marketing campaigns are 49% more likely to grow than those that don’t.

But all these stats mean nothing if you can’t determine the objectives of the video. Clear goals are needed before the production process. You have to set clear, attainable, and trackable goals.

Find Your Why

It’s not enough to reach for more Facebook followers or more engagement. You need to figure out why you want it. What’s the game plan? What’s the end game? Do you want more Facebook audience because you are planning a targeted ad campaign on social media? Are you going to get more sales from this campaign? Is that your final objective?

Get clear about the reason why you’re setting a particular objective. This is the only way you can accurately measure, test, and tweak the campaign. Every time you set a new goal for your business, ask yourself why.

Break Down Into Smaller Components

The two most important objectives for businesses are growing the audience and increasing sales. These are lofty and big goals. You have to break them down into smaller components, so they can become more achievable. If you want to grow your audience through corporate video production, you have to specify which audience you’re talking about. Your social media followers? Your email list? Your YouTube community? The web traffic of your website? What particular audience are you talking about?

Increasing sales is another lofty goal. In order to do that, you have to pick a channel where to air your corporate video production. You need to make sure that you are going to target the right audience with the video and channel. The video has to have the right content for it to be relevant, and for it to convince customers that your business is worth their time.

How do you figure out what should be included in your video? You ask your sales and customer support team. They have a treasure trove of information about what your customers seek. What are they most asked about? You can make a series of videos that will target each of the questions customers are likely to ask them.