The most vulnerable sector of society today is the workers. They are unsure about their company’s finances. They no longer are assured of a job tomorrow. Any day, their companies can close down or decide to retrench employees. As an employer, you can use corporate video production to assure these employees that you are doing everything you can from your end to make sure the company remains afloat.

CEO Message

One of the most effective ways to assure your workers is to show a video of the CEO’s message. This could be an instant morale booster. The CEO can even create separate videos for each department or unit. If most of the workers are doing home-based work, then you should find time to send a copy or a link of the video to them. Should you post this message on your social media? Not until all employees have watched it. Make them feel that it’s important for you to reach out to them first and foremost.


Your employees need to know what’s happening with the company. They have to know where you stand. Only then can they be assured that their jobs are not in peril. It’s useless to assure them with words today. They know how vulnerable most industries are. They are in the know, too, of how valuable your finances are as a company.

The problem here is that when employees start to get insecure about their jobs, they might look for a new one or they may not be as productive as before, thinking that they are going to lose their jobs anyway. This affects how your business operates, which is something you don’t need during a crisis. For a business to survive something as impactful as this coronavirus pandemic, businesses have to be mindful of the way they operate and deliver quality products and services.

New Norm

Finally, corporate video production will also work to brief employees on the new norm. What are the safety measures that will be put in place now that businesses are reopening? How should they interact with one another when they have to do physical distancing? What are the devices, tools, and equipment that the company invested in to ensure everyone’s safety?

Every one of these will help your employees get the support they need during this time. It will strengthen your company’s relationship with them. Showing your employees that you care about how this crisis might impact them builds rapport that will benefit you over time.