Making a corporate video production should be a rallying cry for all companies. Do you know that 80% of consumers watched more videos during the coronavirus outbreak than ever before? What did they watch? The content ranges from how-to videos to news items to more information about Covid-19. Video is the type of content they want to watch. No ifs and buts.

By 2022, experts said that 82% of all content found on the internet will be video. This year, the average person watched at least 100 minutes of video content per day. Simply put, if you are not producing videos for your business, you are losing web traffic.

The most important message your audience needs to hear from you is about how you handled the coronavirus outbreak. What did it do to your business and how did you respond to it? Your customers want to know how you responded to it. Why? Because that will be a telling point for them whether to continue supporting you or not. It’s easy enough to write a press release about your efforts, but the better way to communicate this with your audience is to use a video.

Be Clear About Your Goal

Your audience needs to know that this is not just any other video; that this video is essential to their person. It’s more than just about a product launch. It’s about the steps you took to ensure that they can safely return to your store. That is the kind of message that they want to hear from you. Make sure that from the get-go, your message is loud and clear. Make your goals clear so that your viewers will know what to expect to see.

Be Specific

More than 40% of consumers said they think the coronavirus messages they are seeing from companies look and sound the same. Be authentic and specific. Don’t just assure your customers that you are doing your best to make sure that the virus doesn’t spread on your employees, products, and to them. Tell them specific measures that you are taking to make sure that they are safe when shopping in your store. If possible, walk them through your store so they can see what safety precautions you have taken.

While your corporate video production needs to be assuring, it needs to be clear and specific, too. Your customers need to know exactly what it is that makes your business a safe place to visit even with the threat of Covid-19 looming.