How many influencers do you follow on social media? If you look at the list of your friends and pages followed, you’ll be surprised to know you’re following more influencers than celebrities. Okay, scratch that. Celebrities have become social media influencers, too. The world of social media influencers is so vast that even celebrities who rather keep these things private have been pushed to join the fray, too. It’s always a good idea for a business to produce a corporate video production with influencers. The only question is, what kind of influencer will benefit your business more?

An influencer is categorized by the number of his followers. Kendal Jenner is a mega-influencer while Jeff Bulas is a macro-influencer. There are also micro-influencers, who have fewer than 100,000 followers. These kinds of influencers are more difficult to identify because they could have only around 20,000 followers, but have amazing engagement.

The key to finding out what kind of influencer your business needs is determining what your goals are in partnering with them. Of course, your budget speaks volumes, too. Mega- and macro-influencers are great for increasing profit and followers. Celebrities work the same way, plus their platforms extend to traditional media. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, can send a clearer message to your audience.


Journalists are incredibly powerful these days. Thanks to social media, people can now reach out to journalists and refute to or agree with their reports. They have become a distinct voice in a sea of social media influencers. If you want credibility for your products, consider working with a journalist. As long as your products and services don’t have a conflict with their jobs, there’s no reason for them not to give you the time of their day.

Bloggers and Vloggers

Probably the most important type of influencers today are bloggers and vloggers. They started with writing blog posts about products they support. They’re now into creating videos to showcase these items. Should you use them for a corporate video production. Yes, if you can afford to hire them. But remember that most of them only endorse products they believe in. You have to convince them first of the quality of your products.

Famous People

Celebrities, musicians, athletes, and artists… these are some of the famous people you can tap for an endorsement of your product. Of course, these people will charge you millions of dollars for one post, so you’re better off checking out a local area celebrities such as the star football player of the local high school. These are the famous people in your area and they can help you market your business.

Regular People

Regular people can be influencers, too. You can invite homeowners to star in a corporate video production and showcase how a vacuum cleaner can deep-clean sofa beds and mattresses. This will generate a positive response from your target market, who belongs to the same group as your speakers and video “stars.”