With the entire world struggling to catch up with what is considered the “new normal”, many industries like the corporate video production industry are having difficulty keeping up with the needed protocols to guarantee a safe working environment.

However, if you want to keep going on in the industry, you have to take these steps. But where do you start? Read on to learn about the needed safety protocols to follow to make sure that your corporate video production project remains safe.

Plan out the safety protocols to follow

Like anything else that goes on in a video production project, it’s very important that you plan out how you’re going to handle a video production project in the middle of a pandemic.

How many people are going to be needed, and how can you cut down on the number of people to reduce the risk of transmission? How are you going to be enforcing safety protocols? How are you going to handle production projects like interviews and the like? These are just a few of the questions that you have to think about in order to thoroughly and effectively plan out a safe video production project.

Make sure to enforce it and be aware of the guidelines for safety

However, keep in mind that it’s one thing to plan out safety guidelines, and a completely different story to enforce it. If you want to make sure that your video production remains safe for everyone involved, you have to make sure to enforce the safety guidelines that are in place.

Practice social distancing, mask-wearing, and minimize physical contact whenever possible. Also, be aware of the demographics that are most at risk for the virus, and make sure that they stay at home. They can handle the projects that can be handled by home-based work. You can also look into setting up handwashing stations on-set, as well as provide masks for the cast and crew for use.

Don’t forget to disinfect everything

When you have wrapped up your corporate video production shoot, do not be complacent. You have to make sure that you follow up with further safety enforcement. This takes the form of the disinfection of all of the equipment that you and the crew have used during the production.

You have to make sure that all of the camera lenses, microphones, and any other gear that has come into physical contact with someone has been disinfected. Make sure that you follow up with your crew after the shoot and always practice home quarantining.