Something that plenty of first-time Tampa video production clients are wary of when they hire a production company for the first time is the amount of involvement that is expected of them. Some clients aren’t sure if they’re supposed to be very involved in the production process, or if they’re supposed to hang back and let the production company do their job. For first-time clients, here are some of the parts of a Tampa video production that you should be involved in and is essential for the success of the production.

Video goals and objectives

Of course, one of the most important steps in the pre-production process is the identification of your video’s goals and objectives. The reason why this step is so important is that these goals and objectives will help shape the direction and planning for the rest of the production.

Every single step taken and planned out is done with the intention of accomplishing the predetermined goals and objectives of the video production. This is where you, the client comes in. No matter how skilled and talented your chosen video production company is, it’s not going to do much good if they don’t know what the video’s goals are.

You are supposed to explain to them what you hope to accomplish with your video production. What is the main focus on your video? Is it for marketing? For public relations? To release a new product? Identifying your main goals for your production are essential to the success of your video production.


This might be surprising to you, but clients can be extremely helpful in the scriptwriting process. A client’s output can be valuable to the creation of the script because they know better than anyone what the best progression of the video’s story is. They can give output on who the characters are, their personalities, as well as how they react to the scenarios within the video itself.

Location scouting

In addition to scriptwriting, clients can also be very helpful in the location scouting process of a Tampa video production. This is because they know the best kinds of locations that will do justice to the idea that they have in mind for the production as a whole.

A client’s output can also be helpful if the video production decides to film in locations that the client has access to, like the client’s office for example, if you’re filming a corporate video production.