If you’re still unconvinced that you need Tampa video production on your online stores, it’s about time you listen up for good. Explainer videos, how-to videos, product videos, etc… these are all components to a successful online store. A recent study made in the United Kingdom found out that 100% increase in conversion from visitors watching the videos, a 7.5% increase in overall conversions, and improvements in SEO.

Without videos on your websites, your business is bound to lose a lot of opportunities to close deals, attract customers, make a sale, and re-appeal to returning clients.

Improvement in Metrics

Practically every facet of your metrics is affected by Tampa video production. Not only are you increasing conversions, improving SEO, and boosting email click-through rates, videos are also reducing the returns of products by a quarter. It seems that when people see the products on videos, they make better decisions regarding the purchase. This way, they know what to expect when the items get delivered.

Top Retailers Use Video

Amazon, Target, eBay, Walmart, and the like all use videos to lure their customers into purchasing items from their online stores. They hire talents to model the items, whether these are clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc. And look at where it got them. Though these are top online retailers which paved the way for more online stores to try to get a slice of the pie, they still pursued products videos like no other.

Customers Love Videos

Surveys showed that videos capture viewers’ attention and when they do, customers become confident with the products and this pushes them to make a purchase. This also improves the shopping experience of the customers. They are more inclined to click a link or stay on a page when there’s something there that can explain the benefits of the product to them.

Videos Are Mobile-friendly

Smartphones and tablets are more popular now than desktop computers and laptops. People are using their phones to access the internet and they are watching videos more than they are reading those tiny text descriptions. They also see videos as more information-rich than captions and descriptions.

Young Consumers Are Watching Videos More

The millennials, which comprise the huge population of online consumers and have large spending power, are spending more time watching online videos than TV. They are also looking for things they can share with their friends. If your video can trigger them to share the link, you have a bigger chance of reaching a wider audience.