Fashion brands are able to sell more to their customers when they use Tampa video production in their marketing strategies. In fact, producing videos which they will include on the actual product page is important to attracting the right customers. Multiple surveys showed that 73% of visitors who watch videos of your products will buy them.

In short, videos turn casual passersby into customers. This is a fact that fashion brands must not ignore when trying to create and develop a sound marketing strategy that will bring customers to their websites. Videos, in a nutshell, can considerably increase the digital sales of online retail stores.


They Gain Better Perspective

In the past two decades, we have normalized online shopping to the point that we no longer remember what consumerism feels like without a guy from USPS or FedEx delivering our packages. It wasn’t too long ago that people frown at the idea of choosing a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes online.

But their reason is still valid: they cannot touch and feel the texture and the quality of the clothes and the shoes. How could they decide which one fits them?

Using a Tampa video production, you can show shoppers every angle of the piece of clothing, as well as how lighting interacts with the fabric.

They will have a better idea of the “feel” of the fabric and an impression of its color, texture, and fit. Because of this better perspective, consumers are less likely to return items that they watched on video.

They Are More Confident

When visitors are shown actual videos of the products they are about to purchase, they become more confident with their choices. A confident customer is a loyal customer. It also means you are giving them a good customer experience that could turn them into loyal and returning clients in the future. A confident shopper is also willing to spend more.

They Trust Companies With Video Content

A company that invests in producing video content for its products can be trusted. That’s how customers feel. When a company gains the trust of a customer, it becomes easier to market to that customer. As an online shop, you must begin building that trust the moment the customer lands on your page and you can do that by producing videos that showcase your products.

They Watch and Boost Your Site’s SEO

Videos make a customer stay longer on your website. As a result, your site’s metrics improve. It then boosts your site’s rank on Google so that more potential consumers can access your website when they make a search using a keyword related to your site.