Quality corporate video production can raise awareness of your brand and reach your goals much easier. A modest budget is all you need to create a stunning video. Remember that you aren’t competing with Hollywood blockbusters. You’re not making a movie. There’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars. What’s important is that your video sticks to the concept.

Build Brand Awareness

No matter what your goals are in creating and distributing the video, your company’s message should be plastered all over it. Include the who, what, where, when, why, and how in your video. Show who your company is and what it does, as well as how it can benefit its market and surrounding communities. Your viewers need to see what makes your company unique.

Start With a Purpose

Not all corporate videos are the same. Some intend to market products or an idea. Others are created to recruit new employees. Many are made to increase awareness about a brand. Zero in on what your video’s purpose is even before the pre-production process. Ask yourself this: what is the message that you are trying to impart?

Appeal to Emotions

There’s only one way for your corporate video production to be great and that is to appeal to your viewers’ emotions. Try to think of how you purchase items. They always appeal to your emotions. We are not rational beings when it comes to buying things we want (and even need). Don’t be boxed in and recite facts, figures, benefits, and features. These are boring details. Your audience wants to know why they should buy their products. What’s in it for them?

Combine Audio and Video

A study done by the Harvard Business Review said that people only remember 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. On the other hand, people can remember a whopping 70% of what they hear and see. Isn’t that exciting? When put together, video and audio create a story. It makes an experience more memorable for viewers. Rather than explain why they need to purchase a product, why not show them what this product can do for them?

Distribute Properly

After you made a corporate video production, you must make sure to distribute it properly. What purpose will it serve if no one sees the corporate video? Make sure you have the platforms—websites and social media accounts—to host the video. Upload it on YouTube so it will be easier accessible for your audience. Use SEO in its meta title and meta description to hopefully have it rank high on Google’s search results.