Social proof is one of the most important factors of any effective digital marketing strategy, and for good reason. With the power of the internet, it is now much easier for online users to turn to other users to learn more about products and services they’re interested in. With video content being one of the most popular forms of content on the internet today, it makes sense why a Tampa video production is being used to create video testimonials for businesses today. Here is everything that you need to know about the strengths of creating video testimonials for a business or a practice.

Why do video testimonials work?

You might be wondering is testimonials actually work for a business. After all, do people really care if other people talk about a particular product or a company? The simple answer is, yes, they do. In a world where people seek out the opinions of “Influencers” to figure out the best places to eat, to vacation in, and the what products to use, other peoples’ opinions are more valuable on the internet today.

Another great reason why testimonials work so well is that it gives users a closer look into what other people’s experiences are when it comes to a particular product that you might be interested in. If you find that other people have found that product problematic, then at least you hadn’t wasted money buying it.

Products benefit particularly well from testimonials in a Tampa video production. This is because the video medium gives users a closer look into the products themselves. It also allows for a demonstration, which allows users to understand how the product works right off the bat.

A video testimonial provides audiences with the information that they need about a company’s products and services right away and helps boost their credibility.

What is the best way to ask for testimonials?

Of course, you want video testimonials to be as organic as possible, so you might be wondering what the best way to approach customers to give a testimonial on a Tampa video production would be. You don’t want to use paid actors because it makes the entire thing look scripted, and can lower the business’ reliability and lose their customers’ trust.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that a business can ask for customers’ testimonials. For one, you can take advantage of the successful delivery of a product or a service, and ask them right away. Since they’re happy with the product or service delivery, they might be more likely to agree to give a testimonial on camera.

You can even run a social media contest to get more video testimonials which can help boost your business’ online presence while getting the testimonials you need at the same time.