Since 2017, video marketing campaigns have been on the rise. The impact is second to none in terms of social media analytics. The numbers show all you need to know about how impactful videos can be for businesses. Although the rise of influencers do not coincide with the popularity of social media videos, studies show that the combination of influencers and corporate video production increase the impact of your campaign.

Highlight the Interests of the Brand and Influencers

When choosing which influencer to partner with, look first for those who are already fans of your brand or have been using your products. They can be fans of your competitors, too. Take that as a challenge to change their mind about your products. Make sure that you both share the same interests and values. This will create better engagements with both of your followers.

Make Sure the Content Is Authentic

You have a very demanding consumer today. They know what’s authentic and what’s not. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, want to support only brands that are honest, authentic, and unique. This means taking the time and effort to research the best content for your social media posts.

If you are going to partner with an influencer, make sure this is someone who has control over the content being posted on his page. The influencer should fit what you’re trying to tell your consumers. If a socialite suddenly endorses a fabric softener brand, do you think this will be an effective campaign? But how about if you look for an influencer who’s been very transparent about doing his household chores? What if this influencer, in the past, has reviewed some household cleaners? Wouldn’t this influencer be a more trusted disseminator of your brand’s message?

Choose Influencers the Right Way

There are many different types of influencers. Some have around a thousand of followers. Some have hundreds of thousands of fans. Some have millions. They have pros and cons. Smaller influencers know their followers well. They have even interacted with them. If you’re partnering with them, they can spread your message more accurately to their followers. But they only have around a thousand of followers. They won’t reach that many people with your corporate video production.

Larger influencers have a higher number of followers, but they have a few interactions with them. This can work well if you want to boost brand awareness, but not if you want to increase social engagement. Larger influencers also don’t know their followers as much as smaller influencers do.