For some reason, even experienced actors crumble in front of the camera. So when hiring someone to act for your Tampa video production, it is important that you see first how comfortable he is acting in front of the camera. Both of you don’t need to waste time working together when it wouldn’t work for the kind of marketing video you are trying to do.

Hiring the wrong person to act in your video is a waste of money, too. Most marketing videos are budget conscious and they don’t have that much money or time to waste on an actor who couldn’t do his job well. These tips are designed to make the process of hiring an actor easier for you.

Create your target profile

The first thing you need to think about is who your target customers will most likely relate to. What should he look like? What ethnicity will work for the job? How old must he be? Where are they from? Where do they work? Are they happy? Are they depressed?

You must create this image in your head so you can be very specific once you look for someone who can be this “person” in front of the camera. It will also be easier for the Tampa video production talents to envision the job when you have already created a thorough description of the person you are looking for.

Make the job posting

You can use any website for your job posting and that even includes social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (hey, anywhere that can help you land the right person, right?). When creating the post, be direct as possible.

Put in your subject head what you are looking for (an actor based in Tampa, Florida who can act for a marketing video). The body of your job posting should be as short but descriptive as possible. Tell the readers what the role will be, how much the pay will be, and how many hours he will be working.

Once you have chosen the Tampa video production candidates, you can then schedule them for an interview. To test their reliability, try to make them call in odd times like 3:25 instead of 3:30. During the phone interview, ask them a little bit about themselves and what they currently do and why they are interested in filming for a marketing video.

Most of these talents are struggling actors who want to make it in the film industry, so you can take advantage of the skills they learned from joining theater groups and enrolling in short courses.