Back in 2016, a number of corporate video production were created and viewed more than ever before. It was then that the rest of the marketing world fully realized the impact these videos will make in terms of in-house communication and marketing to customers. But even though it has been smooth-sailing for the better part of the last four years, corporate videos still fall to the temptations of trends. They are not immune to the impact of the changes that technology brings.

Continued Mobile Growth

Mobile video will continue to dominate the market. In fact, mobile views are now higher than traditional traffic, which means businesses must focus on how their videos appear on mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops. If you want your video to be successful, it must be tailored for mobile devices. Yes, make a video first for mobile than for desktops and laptops.

Live Videos

As soon as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram made it possible for users to publish live videos, this type of video blew to epic proportions. You cannot avoid it. You need live videos on your feed. People crave the idea behind live videos. They want to see what businesses are doing behind-the-scenes. Some content is more popular when live videos are used. These are Q&A, interviews, coverage of events, etc.

Video-streaming Platforms

Video-streaming platforms such as YouTube and Netflix turned the audience away from cable TV. This means that if your corporate video production is made for TV, you will have to change its format and even its message. Online videos will grow more and more powerful over the years. They are especially attractive to a younger audience. If you are targeting a younger audience, you are better off publishing videos online than on television.

Disappearing Content

Do you know that content is not forever on social media? That is unless someone took a screencap of your Instagram or Facebook Stories. It was also around 2016 that social media started to experiment with the idea of disappearing content. This means that something you posted will disappear from the platform after 24 hours. It might sound like a waste of time, but it’s an effective strategy to attract young audiences.

Virtual Reality

Two decades ago, the idea of virtual reality was just that… an idea. Fast forward to today and VRs are as ubiquitous as the common corporate video production. Businesses invest heavily in VR content as if their lives depend on it. The audience loves it, too, as they can get a glimpse of what it’s like to experience products and services.