The reason why other business owners deny the importance of corporate video production is because they haven’t been at the receiving end of its benefits. Corporate videos are great because they don’t need to be expensive. They are easy. They are effective. They reach the market you intend for it to reach. It’s such a straightforward marketing strategy that it’s a wonder why not all businesses are pouring their resources into creating great corporate videos.

85% of Internet Users in the US Watch Video Content

Can you imagine missing out on the 85% of web users in the US that spend their time watching online video content? That is 85% of internet users who won’t know about what your organization is offering. Without a corporate video, you are alienating this population. You are virtually unknown to them. And even though they might know about your business, they will be unimpressed. Why haven’t they saw any online video content that you have created?

The Average Person Will Watch 100 Minutes of Online Videos Every Day by 2020

This is supposed to be an increase of 19% from the figures in 2019. And would you be surprised if the increase is even higher? What do you do when you turn on your phone or laptop? Unless you have work, you’ll be browsing your social media feeds. And what happens when you land on your news feeds? You’re going to be watching whatever online video you can get your hands on. You’ll watch memes, interviews, news snippets, movie clips, movie trailers, product teasers, behind-the-scenes, and many more.

93% of Business Owners Say They Have a New Customer Because of Video Content

A whopping 93% of businesses have welcomed at least one new customer after watching a video content they post on social media. How do they know this? Simple. Most customers who have been so impressed by the corporate video production will love to tell you about it. If this is not the case, you can create a survey specifically targeting your customer base. By publishing one online video content on your website or social media, you would’ve tapped an enormous group of would-be clients.

63% of Companies Say That Online Videos Have the Best ROI

The ROI or the return on investment evaluates the efficiency of the investment as compared to its cost. It believes that the effectivity of the investment and that investment’s cost are directly related. This means that if you spent $1,000 on the corporate video production, you should recuperate that amount in a short time because customers will be spending more on your store after watching the video.

A thorough understanding and analysis of these figures will push you to invest in corporate video production, which is the single best thing you can do for your business.