Do you want to refresh your social media with video content? Videos are great for engagement and they have the power to capture your audience’s attention and imagination. But do you know you can use your own corporate video production in your social media profiles? This type of video can actually help the audience understand your brand better.

Here are some examples of what type of video content your audience would love to see on your social media pages:

Live Videos

These are mostly behind-the-scene videos of the corporate world. You can start a live feed showing how the products are being manufactured or simply the everyday tasks being done in the office. This video will humanize your company. It will show your audience that you’re just like them—working, making things, going home, having fun, laughing with each other, etc. You can add live streaming to your social media strategies by doing it every week.

Tutorial Videos

Have you made a corporate video production about how a product is to be used for your employees? Is this information part of your onboarding process? Do you know you can show that to your main market? Tutorial videos are among one of the most shared videos on the internet. People are interested to know how a product can be used or how a service can help in their daily lives. These videos, however, have to be clear, meaningful, and entertaining.

Informational Videos

Similar to tutorial videos, informational videos aim to share knowledge with the audience. It can be on a variety of topics. For example, in today’s pandemic, you can make a video of how your business has changed because of what’s been happening around the world. You can explain the various safety measures you and your employees are taking to ensure that the products you make are sanitized and fit for consumption and usage.

These videos tend to be boring or dry, so make sure to produce them correctly. The content should be interesting to the viewer and not to you. It should provoke the viewer to share the link of the video with her social network.

Be careful with how you frame the videos for your social media marketing strategies. A strong video campaign material is focused on the message and the audience. Make sure your video has the right message that can target your audience. Your viewers should sit up and take notice of the message in your video. Otherwise, it would be futile to share your corporate video production with your target market.