A corporate video production is mostly intended to promote and raise awareness about a company as a whole. It wants to introduce the company to its target audience. But corporate videos can also be used to serve many different purposes. These are the five major purposes of corporate videos and how you can use them to further your business’ agenda:

Training and Instructional Videos for Employees

Isn’t it a waste of time and resources to brief and train new employees personally every single time? Your hiring managers have a lot of things on their plate, too. They would rather just fix the payroll than train and instruct new hires. Why? Because these can be done by a corporate video production already. A training video saves time and resources. It also allows the new hires to learn about the company at their own pace. There will be less confusion and more comprehension.

Investor Presentations

Are you looking for investors? How do you intend to persuade them to pour their money into your business? Through graphs, charts, and animations? Aren’t these a bit old-school? Create a corporate video that will show them why your business is a good investment. They need to be assured that their money will be well-taken-care-of. Showing them a video presentation about your business will easily persuade them that you are innovative.

New Product Demonstrations

If you have a new product line, you should create product demonstrations for your target audience. These demo videos will showcase the features and benefits of the product. Simply enumerating these features on a blog post won’t do much for a customer. They want the visuals. They want to see the product up close. A corporate video production will help them feel like they’ve seen the product in person.

Client and Customer Testimonials

By now, you should know that your target market will trust customer testimonials more than what you will say on a product demo video. Ask your past customers to review and make a testimonial about your products. More than 75% of new customers are looking for actual reviews and testimonials because these tell them that their money is going to the right business.

Event Summaries

If you’ve recently held an event about your company such as a product launch or a new store opening, you want that to be documented, right? That’s where corporate video production comes in handy. You can then post these videos on your website and social media pages so others who were unable to attend the event can get a glimpse and idea of what happened. This is a great marketing tool also to attract your target market.