More than 80% of HR managers agree that employer branding affects the success of a business to attract new talents. One of the many things that a prospective employee is looking for in a company is branding and reputation. You can showcase what they’re missing out on by not joining your team through a corporate video production. An example is an onboarding video for new hires. These videos are specifically made for a particular company. What works for one may not work for the other.

Video has been the top way to share insights about a company. That’s why many companies are also turning to this medium to reveal what’s it like to work there. If a company wants to hire skilled talents, they better show culture on their corporate videos.

Where can these videos be used? These videos are used during recruitment week in colleges and universities. Since many millennials and Generation Z are taking leadership roles in the workplace, they prefer to see companies that invest in technology and innovation. The presence of a corporate video production during recruitment week can help convince these young leaders that you are the right organization for them.


Prospective employees want to learn about the company—how it began, why it was started, and what took it to where it is now. This information gives them a sense of pride for the company, even if they aren’t part of it just yet. They understand better a company once they know its history and humble beginnings.

The owner or the CEO is the best person to be in the video for this purpose. The owner can tell his side of the story on how the company started.


What’s a corporate video production without a bit of company culture? Prospective hires will want to see what kind of environment is there in the company. Is this something that they want for themselves day-in and day-out? This is one of the most important factors employees consider when switching to a new job or transferring to a new company. New employees want to see the dynamics of the workforce.


Prospective employees want to make sure their goals are aligned with those of the company. These young leaders have so much on their plate. They want to change the world. If the company they are planning to join does not plan on standing up for a lot of social causes, this might not sit well for these talented youngsters. The goals of the company shouldn’t be just to make a profit. For these prospective employees, they want to see what the company values and what it is trying to reach for.