Child actors are not a new concept to work with on a Tampa video production. There are plenty of videos and films that seek out the talents of child actors and their acting abilities can do wonders for your production. However, if you’re going to be working with a child actor, it’s important that you do this right.

There are different rules when it comes to working with child actors to help protect the child’s health and make sure that they’re not being overworked. If you’re going to be working with child actors in an upcoming Tampa video production, here are some tips to help make sure that you do this right without any complications.

Learn the laws

The laws that surround child actors are basically child labor laws. Acting still falls under a profession, which means that if you hire a child actor, they are protected by child labor laws.

When making the decision to hire a child actor, make sure that you are very familiar and aware of the local labor laws regarding working with child actors.

Remember that the laws vary from state to state, so take the time to read up on these. This helps make sure that you’re covered, legally, when you hire a child actor.

Plan out everything properly

The main thing to remember is that working with a child actor in a Tampa video production is very different from working with an all-adult cast and crew. One of the main differences is the hours that child actors are allowed to work and you’re going to have to plan for this properly.

If you know that you’re going to be hiring a child actor, make sure that everything is planned out in order to accommodate their schedules and breaks. Children don’t have the mental and physical fortitude as adults do, so they’re going to need breaks to relax from the strain of acting, so this also has to be taken into consideration when planning your production.

Get your permits in order

One of the most important legal requirements that you’re going to need when hiring a child actor is a permit that allows you to employ and work with a child actor. Make sure that all of your related permits are in order when you decide to take on a child actor for your video production.

Work with the parents

When there are child actors on a Tampa video production, there are their parents as well. This can be tricky as you’re not sure if the parent is going to be overly clingy, which can mess up production. It helps to treat the parents as another cast member, which helps move production along better.