So, you produced a compelling Tampa video production, made sure the message is right, targeted the right market, used the right tags and keywords, and optimized the video for all devices. And yet, your video isn’t attracting as many views as it should. It’s not helping bring customers to your website and neither it is improving the site’s rank on search engines like Google. What’s up with that, right?

Here’s the thing: you may have forgotten to put captions or subtitles on the video. You need to hard-sub the subtitles on the video to allow more people to understand your video production. Captioning your videos has a direct effect on their success. Whether you’re producing a movie, a commercial, an ad, a TV show, a social media video, a training content, a corporate video, or a video podcast, putting subtitles will greatly help in expanding its reach.

Not Everyone Can Hear the Audio

Are you aware that over 28 million Americans are deaf or have a hard time hearing? If you don’t have subtitles on your video, you are isolating a major portion of the population. And it’s not just this sector that you are isolating from your company. Their families might also be offended that your company is not considering the plight of those who can’t hear properly.

People Can’t and Don’t Want To Turn on the Sounds

An interesting finding is that 85% of Facebook users don’t turn on the sounds when they watch videos. On Snapchat, 2/3 of videos are watched without sounds. There are many reasons to this: they are watching the videos while commuting, they are already in bed and don’t want to disturb their sleeping partners, or they are at work and secretly watching Facebook videos. Whatever the reasons are, this means that people are highly reliant on videos with subtitles.

People Can Better Comprehend Videos With Subtitles

Even people who are native speakers of English, for example, would still turn on the captions for the movies and TV shows they watch on Netflix. Comprehension is better when there are subtitles and captions. They can better understand the storyline and no dialogues are missed.

Not Everyone Speaks Your Language

When you’re making your Tampa video production, you want to target as large as a market as you can. English speakers are not your only audience. There are Chinese, Indians, Spanish, Arabs, and other nationalities who are watching your videos and maybe understanding only a little bit of what was being said. Do not isolate them because they, too, have purchasing power.