In 2020, the average person would have spent about 100 minutes a day watching a video. Clearly, the popularity of video has skyrocketed in recent years. It will continue to climb in the next ones. It’s not just for memes or cat videos. Companies are also using corporate video production in their onboarding process.

Onboarding videos are great at making new employees feel that they are a part of the culture of the company. They introduce employees to the soul and core of the company. Sometimes, a company feels stiff from the outside but once the new hires have gotten to know the culture of camaraderie inside, they’ll see the company from an entirely new perspective.

New Employee Welcome Video

One of the most effective onboarding videos is one that welcomes the new hires. And who should welcome them but employees who were once in their shoes? In this video, the employees talk about their first day at work, too—their first impressions, challenges, apprehensions, and how they overcame these things along the way.

This Is Who We Are Video

Another great onboarding video is the one that shows the employees, the city, the office, the office pets, etc. It basically tells the new employee that this is what’s waiting for you on Monday when you go to work. It gives the employees a glimpse of what to expect.

Company Culture Video

A video of employees telling new hires what they love about the company? Why not? Company culture videos do that. It tells the new hires why they will love working for the company, too. For example, the company allows pets to be brought to work or there’s a gym and sauna room in the building. These are some of the things that can make up the office culture.

Behind-the-scenes Videos

You can also make an onboarding video full of snippets of some behind-the-scenes in the workplace. This shows the new employees what’s waiting for them in the office. It allows them to understand why this company is such a fun company to work for. Sharing behind-the-scene videos will prepare the new hires better.

Facilities and Amenities Videos

We know about Google campus, right? Basically, it is a dream come true for people to work for a company where you can walk your dog, play billiards, eat free snacks, and have a lot of fun. This kind of corporate video production shows the employees the facilities and amenities of the office. This is intended to excite them to start working for the company.