When you are in the middle of a corporate video production, your goal is to hit the optimal video length. It is striking the balance between having enough time to send your message and become informative and increasing viewer engagement. How long can your video hold your viewers’ attention?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple: shorter videos have better engagement. It means that the shorter your videos are, the more likely that your viewers will focus on them. But the problem is that not all corporate videos can be shortened to two or three minutes. There are some messages that need more time to get through to the viewers. What should you do in these situations?

Shorter Than Two Minutes

Whether the video is 30 seconds long or two minutes long, it receives the same level of engagement. This means that the viewers can last until two minutes without getting bored. This is the video duration that you should strive for. Once you are over that two-minute mark, you will see fewer videos, less engagement, and fewer shares. Remember this when you are planning your production.

Two to Three Minutes

If you find that your video is going to be two to three minutes long, try to cut off 45 seconds of it. You are almost on the mark of great engagement. Why let your video be as long as three minutes when you maybe can cut it down to two minutes? There is a great benefit in that category. Strive harder to shorten the duration of the video.

Three to Six Minutes

It’ll be hard to improve viewer engagement with this long of a video. Their attention drops rapidly when your video is as long as six minutes. Very few people will want to spend more than five minutes watching a video on the internet. For them, they can better use those five minutes. Viewer engagement at this point will be less than 50% of your target market.

Six to 12 Minutes

You can rest easy in the six-to-12-minute range. Whether your corporate video production is six minutes long or 12 minutes long, it will average roughly the same in viewer engagement. So, if you are already hitting six minutes, you can add more information in the video to maximize the time the viewers will spend watching it. The more information you can provide, the better the chance of them hitting that like or share button, of course.

12 Minutes or Longer

Why should you want your corporate video production to be this long? You can, instead, cut them in chunks of two six-minute videos. Aside from improving user engagement, it is also more likely for you to produce a video that will be more flexible for your uses.