There’s nothing wrong with negotiating with a Tampa video production company, but you do need to remember to always be fair and respectful of the other party, too.

Almost every event supplier will want to earn your trust and they do that by being flexible to your requests. Here and there, some companies may be too strict and won’t even listen to your requests, but you’ll be surprised that almost every company is willing to bend to accommodate a potential client.

Look at What They’re Offering

Videographers charge by the hour. Your event may not need the five hours they allot for an event. That’s the reason why they charge so much. Try to ask if they can come down to just three or two hours. That might be a more reasonable price for you.

How about the inclusions in the packages? Do you need an edited version of the film? Do you need a USB copy of the whole event? Not always, right? So, why not provide the USB or the DVD or just ask for the whole film and not let them edit it ala-music video style?

Set Your Event During the Off-season

If you want to be a June or December bride, trust that the wedding is going to be expensive. If your birthday falls on New Year’s Eve, almost all party suppliers will charge you excessively. If you want a discount on their service fees, schedule your event during the off-season. Event suppliers are usually looking to attract clients during these months so they may be willing to give you a good discount or at least, provide more services for the price they set.

Give Something Back

Do you own a business? Maybe you can do an x-deal, which is an exchange of goods for services rendered. You don’t have to pay the Tampa video production company money, but you have to provide goods that they can use in their business. For example, if you sell office supplies, you can provide them a set of new office equipment or furniture in exchange for their services.

Tell Them How Much You Can Afford

Perhaps, the easiest way to negotiate with Tampa video production company is to tell them how much you can afford. In return, they will also tell you if they can go “down” to that amount. Maybe they can cut off the number of hours they will cover the event or perhaps, they can send just the videographer instead of sending a whole team with lights men, audio engineers, etc.