With the world being what it is right now, many industries, including the corporate video production industry have been taking the needed steps to adapt accordingly. However, for an industry that is as heavily reliant on face to face interaction as the video production industry is, how are you supposed to adapt to these changes? Fortunately, technology has evolved enough to make it possible for you to manage an entire production project online. Read on to learn more about how you can handle remote management for a corporate video production here.

Make sure to plan out everything

Like any in-person production, the key to making sure that you pull off a remote video production project is thorough planning. You have to make sure that everything that you need for the production has been taken into account, or you might end up with a lot of gaps in the progress of your project. Take the time to understand what your project will need and how you’re supposed to account for the limitations that a fully online production will have.

Don’t be afraid to use stock footage if needed

Keep in mind that the biggest challenge you’re going to face is getting the footage that you will need to fill out the video. If you’re lucky, you will already have filmed the footage beforehand. But if your production had to cease operations briefly because of circumstances, you shouldn’t be afraid to use stock footage to round out the gaps in the video. Make sure to comply with licenses and other legal copyright requirements to use the footage in your video.

Take advantage of online software

Communication is one of the biggest challenges in managing a fully online production project. Fortunately, thanks to the development of online technology, it is possible for you to manage a fully online production. The way to pull this off is by taking advantage of online tools that allow you to stay on top of the progress of your project. Communication tools, collaboration tools, project tools, there is no end to the number of available tools online that can make it easy for you to manage a project, even from a distance.

Check in on your team

With uncertainty coloring every single decision that we make in the background of this pandemic, human connection is more important now. Even if you cannot offer your physical presence, make sure to check in on your team once in a while to make sure that they are doing okay.