Being in the Tampa video production industry means having to travel around a lot to film in various locations. However, for plenty of first-timers, filming in a new location can be confusing to handle because of the shift in location and environment. To help you out here are some very simple tips to make your on-location Tampa video production easier to film.

Plan ahead and look into the local events

If you’re filming in a location that’s out of town or in an area that you’re not entirely familiar with, it’s very important to be as prepared as possible. One thing that you should definitely be prepared for is any local events that might affect your filming schedule.

For example, there are cities and towns that have festivals and events where everyone in the area pitches in to celebrate, which will make it difficult for you to access certain areas and get the needed local permits that may be required to film in certain areas.

You should also definitely take a look at the local weather and climate, as a huge shift in weather can cause some issues with how your video is going to turn out. Always learn as much as possible about the area that you’re planning on filming in so that you can anticipate the best course of action to take to pull off your video production.

Try to have a local contact

If you’re going to be in a completely new area for your video production, you may encounter some difficulty with looking for supplies and scouting out the best locations for your needs. One way to handle this is by making sure that you have a local contact in the area who can help you get the things that you need.

This is especially important in locations where there is a language barrier. Having a local contact can help guarantee that there is someone to help your production go on as planned. They can also communicate with the locals, which is a huge help when you need additional temporary crew members and specific supplies.

Stay safe

Always stay safe when filming your Tampa video production in an area you’re not familiar with. Remember that you’re transporting plenty of equipment, so it’s important to stay within areas that are safe and there are plenty of people. Always assign someone or a team, if you can afford it, to watch over your equipment while you’re shooting footage.