A corporate video production does not need to be as great as Hollywood films. They don’t need super-advanced technology for a quality video. But, it does need to focus on the production value of the corporate video. Little things like the right lighting and audio can make a lot of difference in the impact of a video. If you aren’t thinking about these things when producing your corporate video, then you’re selling your business short. These things, though not necessarily the point of the video, will contribute to its quality.

What looks good to human vision may not translate on video. Shooting outdoors, for example, may give you ample light that you think will look good on video. It isn’t always that way. Natural light can create shadows that are a bit annoying to see in videos. Professional videographers will use tools like reflectors to avoid these shadows or highlights from affecting the quality of the video. Often, the camera exaggerates these shadows and highlights.

Audio is another component of production value. Microphones, the ones attached to your smartphone or video camera, are designed to pick up a broad range of sound frequencies. So even if you’re far from the hustle and bustle of the streets, the microphones might pick up some of the screeching sounds of car tires. As a result, your subject’s voice might be drowned out by environmental background noise.

Professional videographers and sound engineers know the importance of investing in good audio and video captured together. They will use specialized and high-tech audio equipment to make sure of the quality of the audio and video. This isn’t something that amateur videographers can provide your corporate video production.

Many of these environmental background noises cannot easily be edited out. You’ll need a specialized program and equipment to separate the good audio from the bad one. This is often a bit of work. It’s a waste of time to have to decipher the good from the bad audio. That’s why your focus should be on the quality of the video and audio during the actual shooting. Any post-production work should only be meant to boost the video and not to alter it completely.

Your viewers will notice these little things in your corporate video production. They might not mind it for a while but it could affect the way they absorb the message you are trying to send. The best way to ensure the quality of the production value of your corporate videos is to hire professional videographers.