Even though you pride yourself on having a great sense of style, that does not mean all your clothes are going to look great on camera. there are simply some clothes that won’t work. So, how do you style yourself for corporate video production? What are the do’s and don’t’s?

Avoid Fabrics That Easily Wrinkle

Wrinkles on the fabric of your clothes will create shadows. These can cause what looked like vibrations on camera. Generally, this looks super bad because your audience will be distracted from what you’re saying. Linen and silk fabrics are to be avoided. Silk also rustles on clip-on microphones, causing sound problems when you move.

Stay Away From Baggy Clothes

Unless you want to look like a hip-hop artist, don’t wear baggy clothes in front of the camera. The camera puts more weight on its subjects, so you will look heavier than you actually are. That’s not a good look for anyone, so avoid wearing baggy or loose clothing.

Don’t Wear Shiny Accessories

Whether it’s your belt buckle, tie tacks, or buttons, avoid anything shiny on your clothes. These shiny items can create a bright flicker of light that will bounce off the camera. When the camera moves around you, the light will flash and overexpose the shot. It may also distract the viewers from what you’re trying to say in the corporate video production.

Stop Using Clothes With Confusing Patterns

You don’t want to distract your viewers from the message of your video. That’s the reason you should avoid clothes with patterns that are tight, confusing, bright, and interesting. If you wear patterns that are too catchy and attention-seeking, your viewers might focus on that instead of your video’s message.

Use Pastels and Earth-tone Colors

Pastels, grays, browns, blues, and tan look better on camera. They neutralize the light that is always focused on the subject. They don’t create shadows. They also don’t appear too flashy during production. Your audience will tend to forget what you’re wearing because they aren’t usually interested in these colors.

Choose Natural Fabrics

Synthetic materials on your clothes can look tacky on camera. Go for natural fabrics such as wool or cotton. These fabrics photograph well than other types of materials. They also fit better on anyone who wears them.

Generally speaking, when you are choosing clothes for corporate video production, always bring a couple of wardrobes. You can test how these will look and opt for another set when your first choice doesn’t work well.